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Colzani is without doubt one of the best restaurants in Italy, by the excellent quality of confectionery products all made by hand in a laboratory that is a very precious source of ideas and techniques such as roasting of the beans of chocolate, made from only two other teachers in Italy.

But Colzani is also coffee, wine, books, flowers, design, lounge and events. All products begin with the C- indicates the absolute origin from the family and are sold only by Colzani or by reservation through the website.

C-Amaro, for example, is the line of cocoa-tasting tablets, worked seamlessly with the traditional method in the laboratory of chocolate, which can be visited in winter. But that's not only the chocolate, the C- signing also excellent fruit juice, depending on the season, jams, cookies and cream and pistachio ice cream and exquisite portions.

The coffee is perfect, selected and roasted at home, soft and aromatic, ideal to accompany the delicious croissants for breakfast or if you prefer dry or fresh pastries, cakes or classic dessert drink. Also excellent cappuccinos, foaming at the right point and generous.

All of this in a setting of great atmosphere conducive to relaxation, conversation and reading with a pleasant musical note background.

Large spaces with clean design, inside and outside, which are full of perfumes, odors and colors of freshly baked specialties. Also perfect aperitif with nibbles to taste with fine wines.